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  •  Gustav Klimt’s ‘Wasserschlangen II’ Inspiration Pattern
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Water Serpents Inspiration with orange background on mirror pattern it is absolutely stunning and the most original form to give to any space a sophisticated and chic look .

The emerge universe klimt it is full of colours and ideas,  once you start to observe the femininity of the two females floating under the water , like mermaids with this incredible illusions thoughts on the forms of little flowers and other elements .

The painting features a group of four water nymphs, portrayed in lustful bliss. We used the symbolism of the elements to create a repeat pattern with colours combined with elegance and sophistication .

Blue is a very popular color that is identified with the sky, the sea, water, the intellectual, and nature. It is one of those colors that we can consider as positive, that is to say, that transmits above all very varied positive sensations and has a diverse symbolism as sky, infinitive , water , peace .. among other positive sensations.

When combined with colors like white it can perfectly represent the sky and transmit pure and noble sensations. However, when combined with black it changes completely and can transmit negative sensations, such as despair.

Yellow color
It is a lively and positive color, which despite being associated in some cultures with bad luck is identified with warmth, intelligence, sympathy and joy. It is associated with light, money and also with everything related to the sun. These are some of the most important sensations it conveys: power , action , sunshine , optimism and energy.

You will be amazed of the results of this wallpaper.

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1.25m roll (62 x 125cm), 2.5m roll (62 x 250cm), 5m roll (62 x 500cm), 10m roll (62 x 1000cm)

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