Rug Black Girl In A Black Spotted Hijab


CompareSold By: Oscar Korbla Mawuli Awuku


Trying to contain the immensity and diversity of the African continent in a collection of home decor would be the same as trying to put an ocean in a glass of water. That is why the collection Colors of Africa proposes to give any space the representation of our artist oscar-korbla-mawuli-awuku.

The deepest admiration for the continent, a tour of the millions that could be traversed. Animals, trees, people, and the idea of the art on the continent.

If you are thinking to be part of the colours of Africa collection , you will have an space full of diversity and love for Africa.


Black Girl In A Black Spotted Hijab Rug it is been using  sublimation printing to replicate on the dense pile.

It produces bright colours that are nicely detailed, even on top of the fuzzy velvet.

This velvet fabric is durable . It scores a 40k on the Martindale Rub Test, which certifies its strength. Printing on velvet fabric is UK made and woven in the EU.

strong fabric
woven in the UK



For routine cleaning and care Velvet should be gently brushed in the direction of the nap, lifting the pile with a fine bristle upholstery brush, vacuumed and then dusted with a soft cloth to remove any remaining fuzz


Additional information

Dimensions N/A

Large rug 128 cm x 200 cm, Med Oblong 128 x 150 cm, Medium rug 128 cm x 128 cm

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