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When you thought you had studied his work, and looked through the author’s eyes, one thing I noticed about his legacy and his work was his life in general. He never managed to marry and commit to any woman, which made me observe the patent of the kiss and his brush strokes to be able to get a space of ambiguity of the patents, forms that come together in a space of golden brown.

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Make your house a home with bold pattern wallpaper. Nothing completes a room quite like effortlessly repeating patterns, and you can achieve this when you use Klimt’s  wallpaper for walls.

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Klimt was an energetic and rapturous painter, and his own relatives commented in amazement on his dedication:

“Every evening he would come home, take his supper in silence and go to bed…When he had rested, he would resume work with such impetus that we often thought the flames of his genius would consume him alive…”

The charm that emanates and always prevails when viewing Klimt’s “The Kiss” is one of those wonderful unknowns. It is also known that Klimt painted it strongly impressed and influenced by the Byzantine icons he discovered during his stay in Ravenna and it is no less obvious that the color gold predominates in the whole.

There are those who argue the meaning of the painting and where some see a self-portrait of the painter himself and his lover Emile Flöge, others find a mythological meaning that represents the moment when Apollo kisses the nymph Daphne who is turning into a laurel. The viewer always notices the detail that points out that the woman is kneeling on what looks like the edge of a cliff and closes her eyes foreshortened towards the viewer.

We got the strokes using on the paint and get the flower pattern to unify shapes and give this glance and impression to eleganty and unique pattern.

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Standard Wallpaper 120gsm Paste the paper, Premium Wallpaper 173gsm Spray the wall, Self-Adhesive Wallpaper 350gsm

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1.25m roll (62 x 125cm), 2.5m roll (62 x 250cm), 5m roll (62 x 500cm), 10m roll (62 x 1000cm)

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