• £475.00

    Judith Chair

    Expertly crafted and upholstered, these bespoke chairs, UK made to order, radiate luxury and instantly help bring a room to life. Customise up to four areas with your unique designs for a show stopping piece of home furnishing that reflects your individual style. The custom wood chairs are made from responsibly sourced beech wood and covered in fire-rated ChiChi Furnishing Velour fabric that’s super soft and smooth.

    • Super soft ChiChi fabric
    • Responsibly sourced beech wood
    • Up to four areas to customise
    • Expertly handmade to order in London, UK
  • £62.82

    Judith Golden Cushion

    Copyrights: Gustav Klimt

    UK made , using this masterpiece from Judith The Head Of Holofernes makes for a chic addition to lounge areas, window displays and any other space that need some colour. Made from wonderfully plush Soft Velvet fabric, they are truly screaming to be stroked. Outstandingly soft, with a smooth short pile, this fabric is just dreamy to feel. Available in four sizes with a choice of either duck feather or poly pad filling, you can create your own vision of the ideal custom made cushions.

    • Made from super Soft Velvet
    • Duck feather or poly pad included
    • Handmade to order in London, UK
  • £58.20

    Bring life to tired, empty looking spaces with these gorgeous Judith Frame .

    Add character to your home with custom rugs printed with the legacy of Gustav Klimt artwork. From greeting guests in the hallway to bringing a splash of colour to rooms with neutral tones, they’re a finishing touch to your home furnishings.

    Luxury Velvet Shimmer

    • Straight edge or cotton fringe
    • Anti-slip latex sponge base with jute rug binder
    • Handmade  in London, UK
  • £65.00£85.00
  • £475.00


    • ChiChi Furnishing Velour Fabric
    • Responsibly sourced wood
    • Customise up to four areas
    • Plump cushioning
    • 10 year guarantee


    • Full height 74cm, full width 63cm, seat depth 49cm
    • Front leg height 23cm, shorter back leg height 19cm
    • Backrest height 55cm, backrest width 50cm
    • Weighs 7kg approx.
  • £33.20£89.30

    Decorate your home in an artistic new way with The Kiss Framed prints.


     Choose the perfect print size for your images and then select either a glossy white or matte black box frame to mount it in. You can even select the perfect white border width to complement your designs. The Kiss Framed Art prints, UK made to order, can fill your home with art and express your personality in a fresh and exciting way.

    • Black or white FSC frame. Back mounted box frame.
    • Size, border and orientation options
    • Crystal clear and shatterproof acrylic pane
    • Giclée print on 280 gsm fine art paper
  • £62.82

    The Kiss , representation of  Love Bring it a life to tired, empty looking spaces with these gorgeous  rug.

    Printed the master piece of The Kiss hanging on the walls of Belvedere Museum in Viena onto your choice of either sumptuous Velvet Shimmer.

    The couple they’re a dream to look at and walk on. to perfectly complement your taste in interior design.

    • Luxury Velvet Shimmer
    • Straight edge or cotton fringe
    • Anti-slip latex sponge base with jute rug binder
    • Handmade  in London, UK
  • £60.00

    The Kiss Silk Cushion

    Copyrights: Gustav Klimt

    Gustav Klimt‘s The Kiss is the archetype of tenderness and passion. This shimmering, colourful, love scene of two faces and bodies embracing each other, is conserved at the Belvedere Museum in Vienna. room.


    • 100% real Silk Satin
    • Rope trim in honey gold
    • Printed both sides
    • Feather or poly padding
    • Detachable cushion cover


    • 16″ sq or 12″ sq sizes available