There is something deeper that goes beyond this collection: the emblematic story behind the painting, Judith.

Many famous painters across the centuries have tried to represent the mythological aspect of the story behind Judith, the heroic widow from the Jewish apocrypha who seduced an enemy general in order to murder him in his sleep.

In the Book of Judith, a Jewish widow, Judith plans to save her people from Nebuchadnezzar’s general Holofernes, whose troops had laid siege to her small town near Jerusalem. She enchants the general and uses her beauty and charm to destroy the Assyrian general and save Israel from oppression.

In Klimt’s Judith and the Head of Holofernes, Judith hardly appears to be a modest widow. She is fondling Holofernes’ head, which is barely visible in the corner. Unlike his previous paintings, Judith is the modern depiction of the femme fatale – fused with eroticism and aggression. 

Gustav Klimt focused his pictorial rendering of the beheading solely on Judith. He even cuts off Holofernes’ head at the right margin and there is no trace of the bloodied sword. The representation of Judith herself has been decapitated in a sense. Lavishly decorated with golden motifs, a golden armband and a high golden choker, which was fashionable in early 20th century Vienna, separates the head of Judith from her body obscurely recalling the beheading of her victim.

Judith and the Head of Holofernes is one of the paintings from Gustav Klimt’s “Golden Period” where he decorated his paintings with real gold leaf. The abundance of gold in the painting provides a natural frame for the beautiful woman, highlighting her hands and face.

The abundance use of gold details with geometric ornamentation provides a spotlight to her dream-like euphoria but also shows her as very proud of her victory. The contrast between the golden luminosity of the background and the black coiffure enhance exaltation and elegance. Klimt depicts his women with a kind of ostentatious celebration of the rich, embracing them in gold and lavish materials typical for his work.

The gilded hills and fig trees behind Judith appear to be styled after the relief sculptures at the Assyrian palaces in ancient Nineveh. This gold décor can also be traced as a reference to Byzantine Art.

 In a setting among shimmering golden trees and sheer turquoise, Judith epitomizes femininity, exposing her flesh with an elevated expression of the head, gazing at us instead of her victim. Her contemporary hairdo, half closed eyes, parted lips with a post orgiastic look projects a feeling of power and control. The threatening element in Klimt’s version of Judith is not the decapitation of the man but the intense exhibition of sensuality and the depiction of Judith as femme fatale.

Judith’s orgasmic expression as she holds up the head of Holofernes shocked audiences in Klimt’s day. But for us, Judith’s sensuality evokes admiration as symbol of female empowerment — a symbol of justice and revenge. Klimt’s vision of an orgasmic ally flushed Judith differs greatly from how this legendary moment had been painted before.

According to the Klimt’s version of Judith, she is not a heroic tableau, but a masterpiece of eroticism. Judith is a symbol of the erotic feminine principle over the aggressive masculine one. Klimt appreciated and portrayed the sexual existence of women independent from that of men.

For our Judith collection, our team carefully studied the patterns, textures, and colours of the painting to evoke the powerful feminine eroticism of Klimt’s original work.

Ana Jimenez & Anurkruti Badoni


Judith Elegant Long Night Dress

Both artist and his painting were an important inspiration while creating the artwork for the garment. Each important element of the painting is arranged symmetrically to form the pattern on the bodice. 

Every single detail of the painting is well studied and placed to convey an image of golden rain on the backside of the dress. From the painting, we can sense the pride of victory on Judith‘s face which appears to be a reverie of orgasmic nature, and this interpretation is rendered on the front of the night dress.

The elegant long night dress features plunging V neckline with adjustable shoulder straps and hidden closure on the side. The dress highlights the signature of Gustav Klimt in the form of embroidery on the front.

Judith Vintage Elegant Long Robe

We tracked the Byzantine and medieval art styles which inspired Gustav Klimt during his “Golden Period”. The front of the robe features the gilded hills and fig trees in gold, where the opulence of gold lends the portrait of Judith on the back of the robe, a metallic atmosphere.

To balance the expansive use of gold, the robe also features the contrasting hues of green and blue and black panel on the sleeves. The sleeve cap is gathered at the shoulders.

The golden front opening along with the belt blends in smoothly along with the artwork.

The robe highlights the signature of Gustav Klimt in the form of embroidery on the front.

Judith Pyjama

The elements in the painting were reformed to create a new artwork pattern. The ornaments worn by Judith served as an inspiration and guide for our notched collar and hem of the pyjama.

Maintaining the integrity of the painting, the pyjama features the contrast between the golden luminosity of the background and black coiffure.

The button down top highlights the face of Judith in a post orgiastic phase while holding the head of Holofernes, strategically placed on the edge.

The drawstring pyjama features Judith on the front while surrounded by the golden gilded hills and fig trees.

The robe highlights the signature of Gustav Klimt in the form of embroidery on the front.

The Kiss Long Robe

They are always different ways to understand art is among the most pervasive of human activities and the continual interest is certainly justified. However, it is also among the most complex of activities and has been approached with caution.

Work of Gustav Klimt it is complex and there is a renascence of your feelings, emotions and perceptions.  The way to perceive the phycological meaning of The Kiss and his legacy.

We were using our methodology tracking the exact eye gazing with an eye tracker to study perception through his creations.

Perception is utterly baffling. We can precisely describe the biological structure of eyes and brains. We can measure the electrochemical impulses and electrical fields generated by neurons. But reason fails us when we attempt to explain how these physical processes cause all the vivid colours, textures and objects that appear in visual perception. In fact, our perception is so perplexing that we can find ourselves pushed to the edge of rational thought – and beyond – when we try to understand it how magnifique Is his legacy.

The kiss representing the apex of his Golden Period, we want it to extract patterns representing the meaning of the paint, and the significant expressions that Gustav Klimt transmitted.

We create the both sides of the empowerment blended in our collection the kiss.

Evoking a moment of intense sensual pleasure, within a sharply stylized and flattened composition

The dominant male force is signified by the powerful coat of masculine black and grey blocks softened by the feminine organic scrolling. Female energy is shown as spinning circles of bright floral motifs and upward flowing wavy lines.

From these vestments of artistic creation golden rain blesses the fertile earth.

The Kiss the Robe:

Every Single Pattern represents:

The spiral patterns evoking the sensuality of woman

The trims from male robe to  the waist and around the neck evoking the masculinity surrounded to the woman

And the Flowers representing love and the female fertility.

The robe highlights the signature of Gustav Klimt in the form of embroidery at the back

We inspired in the male representation part by Gustav Klimt taken all the representative male parts from the paint and have it the all artwork of the meadow couple showing love.

The brown gold part as neckline and 2 meters almost and half of belt surrounded the waist.

This is a perfect and comfy male robe , designed to be indoors and enhance your skin. 

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