Whether it’s a beautiful classic or a modern masterpiece, our nighttime styles are given entire visual makeovers, creating aesthetically exquisite prints.

Partnered with famous museums internationally, our nighttime silk wear is something that, like a piece of art, you can appreciate forever. True art hanging in galleries inspires us; we want to deliver their masterwork to you, packaged perfectly as a nighttime garment. It will be a constant reminder to you how art evolves every second, every century.

These silken outfits come in a variety of designs and styles, including kimonos, fusions of cultures. This gear is for those who want flair to their routine and crave creative inspiration even in the most mundane moments before getting ready for bed even for going out.

Just seeing our prints after you shower, comb your hair, and brush your teeth by having mental brainstorming your next project!

Here at PlayWithYourSenses, we take an oath to art in fashion, never compromising on thoughtfulness or originality. As you explore our site, you’ll notice we dedicate entire blogs to each release, giving the history behind every painting or sculpture we turn into stunningly graphic silken nighttime garments. We feel when you infuse your clothing with that amount of meaning and artistic significance, boosting your own creativity becomes an inspired activity.

We consider our brand of fashion the perfect gift or special occasion. While singularly unique in presentation, the silken patterns have a universal cozy, soft, gentle, cool touch. Not only that but sleeping in silk is actually good for those with sensitive skin or who overheat at night! We want to use scientifically proven materials so our art can shine on the garments.

With luxurious silken material in hand and the inspiration of the art around us in our hearts, PlayWithYourSenses promises to be a whole new clothing experience.



Each of our products are inspired by inspiration of the paints and the history of the paints.

All manufacture for Artisans MADE IN LONDON UK 

All our providers in products have a deep responsibility to reduce landfills through responsible end-to-end production and increase consciousness of sustainability & eco-friendliness of our customers.

Offering, and currently have a range of 100% vegan, natural and organic products as well as items that we produce from recycled material. We source from the EU where possible and use FSC certified materials.

Best Qualified


Ana Jimenez


I consider myself a bridge between art and those who are passionate about it.

I studied Music Production and Music Management at Ballyfermot College in Dublin, Personal Branding and Etiquette in Formacion Universitaria Seville,  Dressmaker in London  Sewing Fashion School.

Work for many years in aviation, my other love.

 I had traveled over 100 countries around the globe; owing to my work and my adventurous soul. I had lived in several countries which have helped me learn and perceive artists , cultures across the globe.

Through PlaywithYourSenses I want to mix the art from the legacy of the most famous painters combined with the art of fashion. The importance of art in a form of treatment, contributing to the well-being and expanding in different senses. Perceiving the beauty of art is not only about the vision, but Art in all forms also appeals to other senses too. 

It is the legacy it was gifted to the mortals on the earth.

To achieve this, I have surrounded myself with a great team of people who love their respective fields, are full of passion as well as creativity in fashion and art. We aim to transform art with a futuristic perception, by the means of technology.

We are here to deliver the true meaning of the legacy behind the greatest artworks, to you.

Anukriti Badoni

Senior Manager Designer

She graduated from Academy of Art University with a Masters of Arts degree in Fashion, and from Apeejay Stya University with Bachelor of Design. After her studies in India and San Francisco, she began her career as a merchandiser for GAP, C&A and Ralph Lauren and then moved to work for couture houses such as Mise a Jour, Fendi and Prada. She is passionate about paintings and their hidden symbolism.

Sara Nogueira

Costume designer and maker

Costume designer and maker graduate from London College of Fashion.

Passionate for a period costumes from all centuries and cultures aiming to create timeless garments. mainly make extravagant costumes that challenge our concept of reality and time travel through all periods of art history. She possesses extensive experience in costume making, often working with big volumes, textures, and bold colors.

She also has worked within the theatre and opera industry in the UK and internationally.

Iryna Moulding


She has been passionate about photography all her life and  have decided to take it to the next level and studied at the British Academy of Photography. Find it her  passion in fashion and portrait photography.

She been a model before and she knows how important is to feel comfortable with the photographer who will guide you through the photoshoot and empower your strengths, beauty, and uniqueness.

Providing exceptional Pictures by capturing precious moments of your life and making the best of the Brand, PlaywithYourSenses .